Monday, December 1, 2014

On Technology

I can't help but think... 
                              That all of this;
                                                                    social media, 
                                                                                                                  Is our spiritual training wheels. 

Almost telepathically, we 
                                    s e n d  m e s s a g e s 
To the furthest flung places. 
We understand intention, finally, 
                                             As we press return and send
                                                                                 And receive little words and pictures in return, 
To our pockets, 
                   our bedside tables, 
                                               our living rooms. 

When we learn to ride a bike, 
we fall off and injure ourselves

And as we wade through these new technologies
                                                                We hurt ourselves and each other 
By getting too big...
                        ...for our boots
                                              or travelling....
                                                                   further than we should
Or forgetting that sometimes we can't speak our minds
For the benefit of all involved. 
                                           ...We learn to be diplomatic
                                                                                  as we edit and censor and chronicle our lives
But we learn it is best to be just as we are, 
                                                           in this world, 
                                                                            in screen world. 
With all our scars and interests, 
                                            With all our dreams and tunes. 
We lean into it, we  l e a r n  into it, 
We mutate.

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