Monday, January 6, 2014

I Got My Feet On The Ground & I Don't Fall Asleep To Dream

Many sleeping. 

I am inherently bad at sleep. 
                                             Until some wall is hit, and I go down for two days. 

Two days where if I wake to use the toilet 
                                                                 my body feels like glue 
                                                                                                       and my feet are simply rocks attached to other rocks...

And now, after one such sabbatical, 
I find     
              m  y  s  e  l  f   
                                       back again.

I have been wandering again.

& have seen many creatures 

& places

& fringe lives 

Pressed flowers

& poked anemones

& wondered at the 
                                b  i  g  n  e  s  s 
                                                             of it all

Caught sunsets

& collected clouds

& played with the gifts of the Earth

Now home again,  
                            Away from tessellating rock platforms....

Back with my dry grass and red dirt. 
I pot up pups



& eagerly watch the pink dye giving berries form.

& learn that my pot-plants are psychoactive.
This year, I shall be a Shaman of my own division.

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