Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Cry To Help My Country

I don't normally preach, but this is a dismal situation. 
Please, help, its just a signature and a postcode, you could save a koala, a gecko, a bat, a million trees.

This is my country, these are my people. We are farmers, we are teachers, we are artists, doctors, nurses, students, indigenous, business people, clergy and retirees.

We are normal people.

And we are desperate, locking ourselves on to bulldozers as Whitehaven coal company bulldoze a State forest to enlarge their pit.

Its The Pits.

Wherever you live, please just fill in this tiny form, and direct your friends to do the same. 

I Want To Save Leard State Forest 

It will take a moment. You can help. And I hope you do.

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