Saturday, December 14, 2013

Summer Lovin'

You know.... 
                     I give so much of myself
                                                             that quiet evenings at home
                                                                                                            are a bliss

Because Here,
I view my Summer flowers
                                          tended all the cold months

When I Went Away....
                                    I walked,
                                                   and saw many old friends...

Of many forms


And Species


And funghi

And spent some time, barefoot in Victoria Park
With words and grass for company

In the way of the best of times.

And then Home again. 
                                       Where all need a piece, 
                                                                              and weekend evenings provide Peace

Thank Goodness for the Season, 
                                                      its festivities providing a moment of still

For those of us who do not participate, 
Until that day. 

And the Album Of The Week...



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