Monday, August 19, 2013

Homesick from three blocks away

Spending much time away from my home of late. 
Each Time I Return
                                New Surprises await

My phone has gone away

To its mother-ship to be fixed
... but my old faithful seems to hold out, 
through spontaneous turning offs and ons.
                                                                  ....It could be worse!


My purple Sweet Peas
and I eat them
as fast as they can do so. 
Their pretty little heads make me smile as I tangle
and tether them to their trellis


And bright Nasturtiums add colour 
to gardens and garden salads
and remind me always
of the town mouse
and the country mouse
and his umbrella...
of  a nasturtium leaf 

One of my stolen succulents
is having pups, 
                        smaller than my fingernails, 
                                                                    they are growing fast, 
from nowhere
                      and little care...
                                                ... tiny roses from sand.

This is my song for the week. 
                 ' No question, blood stains the wattle'

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